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We depend on a diverse and progressive membership to keep our PTA strong and dynamic.  We depend on you.  Each and every one of you has something special to contribute: a talent, a skill, your unique knowledge.  Bring your gifts to the PTA and help us enrich Milbrook Elementary School!

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Your Membership Does Make A Difference!

Become a voting member of the PTA at Milbrook Elementary School now by returning the attached Membership form with your $10.00 Membership fee.  You can pay your Membership fee by cash or check made payable to "PTA at Milbrook Elementary School".  You can return your Membership form and fee directly to a teacher or administrator at Milbrook or to a PTA Board Member or mail it to: PTA at MIlbrook Elementary School, 4300 Crest Heights Road, Baltimore MD  21208.

No Time For The PTA?

You Choose How To Be Involved

Want to join the PTA but you don't have a lot of time? Don't let that stop you from being an important part in shaping and supporting Milbrook.  From decorating the gym for the Halloween Dance to clipping Box Tops, there is something everyone can do.  Whether the role you choose is big  or small, you are making a difference!!!

Volunteers Rock!

We Can't Do It Without You...

The PTA at Milbrook Elementary School depends on our Volunteers, all of the generous people working behind the scenes who make it possible to do what we do.  We offer an array of volunteer opportunities throughout the school year, so you can experience the rewards of volunteering for yourself.  Contact the PTA to find out how you can make a difference.





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